Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stained Glass Sparkle

Morning crafters! 

How are you all? 

For today's make I want to show you a dazzling glittery card I made by mixing and matching some of Sue Wilson's dies from the Italian collection and I will also give you a slight walk through if how I achieved this stunning effect so you can all try it for yourself :-) so here is what I came up with :-) 

Here's what I did -:

I got the outside frame of the Sue Wilson die called Umbria in holographic silver card. I then took some card stock and applied a sheet of double sided sticky sheet but left the top backing sheet on the card and run that through the grand calibur using the inside die from the Calabria set from Sue Wilson. I used fairly thick card stock for this to ensure that the die did not cut all the way through and only cut the layer of the sticky sheet. If done right it should look like this -:

I then removed little parts of the backing sheet. I made sure I did this in a symmetrical fashion like a stained glass window would be. You can remove as many or as few bits as you wish. I wanted to get a few different colours in this design so I didn't remove much. After I was happy with the sections I had removed I took my Martha Stewart ultra fine glitter and rubbed it into the exposed parts. Here is what you should have after -:

Continue in the same fashion until you have the desired amount of colours you want. As a tip the general rule of thumb is you should use your darkest colour first and work up to your lightest colour as you might get some dark stuck in the lighter colour. I want edit o use the black glitter last to give my centre and aged look.

I then took the Faux Quilled Blooms die set from Sue Wilson and cut three flowers and placed a black half back pearl in the centre of each one and the centre of my stained glass centre piece. I also hand tied a satin ribbon bow in chocolate brown. 

Here is a picture of the finished project in day light to show the sparkle! 

Colours of glitter used are -: fire Opel, golden beryl, Charoite, carnelian and hematite. 

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  1. This is gorgeous, love the multicoloured sparkle.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thank you Linda! It's such an easy technique as well! I can do a more detailed tutorial for mad crafters giggles if people want! X

  2. Totally beautiful Richard. A very mature card that would be perfect for many different occasions.

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

  3. Lovely technique new to your blog and interested to see what else you do